11/22Available For Pre-Order Now: “BOING, We’ll Do It Live! The Aristocrats At Alvas Showroom” – Release Date: December 10

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Aristocrats live CD/DVD, BOING, We’ll Do It Live: The Aristocrats At Alvas Showroom, is now available for pre-order, just in time for the holiday season!

Just click here to go to the Aristo-webstore (we ship WORLDWIDE) and pre-order now. The release date is December 10, so you won’t have to wait long to be the first to hear and see it.

Maybe you’re wondering what the DVD looks like? Very well then: check out this 5-minute YouTube preview!

Now for the basics. It’s available in three versions: Deluxe Edition (DVD + 2CD), Regular 2CD Edition, and Digital Download only.

The Deluxe Edition contains a 2-hours-plus DVD of us playing our entire live repertoire to date, plus bonus features like:

* Two additional songs
* 5.1 surround mix by Steven Wilson, 2-channel stereo mix by Mark Niemiec
* Interviews with each band member
* Bonus soundcheck audio and additional between-song banter.

You also get two audio CD’s of the same performance, and an immediate digital download upon purchase.

For those not video-oriented, the 2CD Regular Version is a straight-up double live album, featuring 14 songs totaling two hours of pure Aristocrats musical mayhem. It also includes an immediate digital download upon purchase.

And for the digital-only folks, you can purchase just the digital download of the double album.

We also made a special t-shirt just for the live album release, complete with a new design for the front, and a special Pig vs. Chicken Mortal Kombat scene on the back, with a special message for our Japanese friends. (If you get the DVD, you’ll get the joke. If not, it’s still cool and weird, right?)

It’s all available at our Aristo-webstore (did we mention we ship WORLDWIDE?). Click here to get it now!

In all seriousness: Guthrie, Marco and I (BB) are beyond grateful for the overwhelming positive response and support we’ve received ever since launching The Aristocrats. We’ve tried to get to as many places as possible for live shows, but as you know, it’s hard to get everywhere. Lots of folks asked for a live album. This is our answer to those requests, and it’s our hope that, whether or not you’ve seen us play live before, BOING, We’ll Do It Live! will give you the full live Aristocratic experience, wherever you happen to be.