11/02Gran Canaria Show Announcement

We are very sorry to announce that we are unable to perform our show tonight in Gran Canaria due to an unforeseeable circumstance with Air Berlin, whose airline we were due to fly today. We were informed upon arrival at the airport that, regardless of how much money we were prepared to pay – even the full cost of another ticket – that Guthrie’s prototype, currently-one-of-a-kind Charvel guitar would need to be checked as regular baggage, even though it was in a soft case that would easily fit into any overhead compartment or airplane coat closet. This has never happened to us before, and while we very much wanted to play in Gran Canaria, we simply could not risk Guthrie’s guitar being damaged and affecting the remainder of the tour.We look forward to rescheduling this date on our next European tour, and again we apologize to our fans and everyone who worked hard to put on this show in Gran Canaria.


Aside from this unfortunate turn of events, we’re having a stellar time touring Europe. Our Benelux shows were all great, and we’re very much looking forward to playing in Germany, Poland and Greece. Thanks so much to all the fans who’ve come out so far, and stay tuned for news on the release date of the live CD/DVD very soon.

-The Aristocrats


UPDATE: At the request of our friends at Salan Prosucciones, the show promoters who had no fault in this unfortunate circumstance, here is our Gran Canaria show cancellation announcement in Spanish:

Sentimos mucho de comunicar que esta noche no podremos tocar el nuestro concierto en Gran Canaria debido a imprevisibles circunstancias con Air Berlin, la aerolinea con la cual teniamos que volar hoy.

Al llegar al aeropuerto nos han avisado que, no importa cuanto dinero podriamos pagar – tampoco el costo completo de un nuevo billete – la guitarra Charvel di Guthrie, un prototipo unico por ahora, tendria que ser embarcado como una maleta normal, aunque estaba en el estuche suave que podria entrar sin problema en un compartimiento del avion. Esto nunca nos ha pasado antes, y con toda la gana de tocar en Gran Canaria, en realidad no podiamos correr el riesgo de hacer dano a la guitarra de Guthrie con consequencias por todo el resto del tour.Esperamos de reprogramar esta fecha por el proximo tour de Europa, y nuevamente pedimos disculpa a nuestros aficionados y a Salan Prosucciones, que habian trabajado duro por organizar este show en Gran Canaria.

– The Aristocrats