6/05May Touring Wrap-Up: Thank You America!

May was a pretty cool month for The Aristocrats in America. We managed to tour some places that not every fusion band gets to (TN, IN, OH, WV, NC) and we met a lot of new friends. Then, fresh off those seven shows, we headed for Alva’s Showroom in San Pedro, CA, where we played two shows that were recorded for a live DVD. We’re all happy to report that the shows went VERY well, and we’re pretty confident that we’ve got way more than enough material for a killer DVD.

The thing is, we’re all very proud of the studio album, but playing live is what really makes this band go. And it’s not like we’ve toured everywhere yet – there’s many places we’ve yet to reach in person. So we’re very much looking forward to doing the post-production work and getting this live show out as soon as we can. If I (BB) had to guess when that would happen, I’d say December, but that’s just a guess.

For now, Guthrie, Marco and I are headed our separate ways. But we’ll be back together later this year in Europe for another tour. We’ll have an official announcement about that soon (watch our calendar page). Just know that if you’re in Sweden, Germany, Holland, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Italy, Greece, or a few other nearby countries, we just might be seeing you soon. :-)

And to America: Thanks for showing The Aristocrats a good time. See you next year.