1/05New Songs, New Dates, New Year!

Happy new year Aristocrats fans!

Bryan here as usual, speaking for Marco and Guthrie, and we’ve got some exciting news for the new year to tell you about some exciting stuff coming up in January for the band:

* We’re heading into the studio in just 10 days to start working on the second Aristocrats studio album. We’ve all been writing like crazy for this, and the new tunes have their usual share of Aristo-madness and room for improvisation. We’ll have some updates on this while it’s going on, which should be fun. Make sure to keep up with our Facebook page and our Twitter feed for the very latest.

* We’ve got some U.S. West Coast tour dates coming up in late January, and we’ll be debuting some of the new material at those shows. Here’s the info in summary form:

January 26 & 27 – San Pedro, CA – Alva’s Showroom
January 29 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
January 31 – San Luis Obispo, CA – SLO Brewing Company (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
February 1 – San Francisco, CA – Biscuits & Blues
February 2 – Sacramento, CA – The Boardwalk (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)

Full details can be found on our website calendar. We’re excited to play the new stuff!

* For those who might have missed it in the holiday madness, last month Jam Track Central (the folks who re-released Guthrie’s amazing solo album Erotic Cakes) put out bass/drum-only “backing tracks” from The Aristocrats’ debut album, with full transcriptions of all Guthrie Govan’s guitar parts, composed and improvised! For guitarists, it’s a lifetime of learning – and for bassists and drummers, it’s a very revealing focus on the rhythm section interplay.

Just click here to check out JamTrack Central’s Aristocrats “Backing Tracks”.

* We continue to be stunned and super-grateful at the response to our new live album Boing, We’ll Do It Live! The holidays really slowed down delivery for some (even though all orders shipped on time; it was the local post services that fell behind), but it seems everyone’s got theirs now. And we’ve got plenty in stock in case you were waiting for the holidays to blow over. It’s always available at our Aristo-Store, along with some snazzy new “Pig vs. Chicken” t-shirts. Yes, really. :-)

Thanks again everyone, and hope to see you out there in 2013!

Cheers to all,
The Aristocrats