3/30Next Up: The U.S. Midwest/Mid-South In May, Plus A Live DVD Taping In L.A.

BB here, happy to report that we not only survived the UK/Europe/Middle East tour in March, but also that the tour was a big success. The UK came out in full force to support their homeland hero; Holland showed up for one great show at a killer venue; France and Spain were lovely, with a bit of time off (especially in Madrid) to enjoy each country as we passed through; and Turkey and Israel were surreal and wonderful. Israel in particular kicked our asses – over 500 people showed up for our last gig of the tour. From Marco, Guthrie and I – THANK YOU to our fans for making this trip an unforgettable adventure for all of us.

We also want to thank the people who really made this tour happen with their unspeakable logistical and promotional efforts: Darran and Rhiannon Charles in the U.K., Jeff Aug in Holland, JM Gaiffe in France, Chris Ortiz and Manuel Requena in Spain, Naci Kesener and Mehmet Hakan Özhendekçi in Turkey, and Rony Kotliar in Israel. (And, of course, our own Ed Yoon!) These people made it possible for this tour to occur. They deserve much praise and many thanks.

Now we turn our attention to the next run of dates, in the U.S. Midwest and Mid-South:

* F 5/18: Nashville, TN – The Rutledge
* SA 5/19: Louisville, KY – Zazoo’s (The New Vintage Showcase)
* M 5/21: Indianapolis, IN – Birdy’s
* T 5/22: Cleveland, OH – The Tavern (Beachland Ballroom)
* W 5/23: Columbus, OH – Rumba Café
* T 5/24: Charleston, WV – The Sound Factory
* F 5/25: Charlotte, NC – The Double Door Inn

If you’re anywhere in the midwest, we implore you to come out, because this is the last run of dates in the U.S. this year. Scheduling is always an issue with the three of us, and this was the absolute best we could do.

Then we do one very special last set of dates in southern California, for what we hope to be a DVD taping:

* SA 6/2 and SU 6/3: San Pedro, CA – Alva’s Showroom

You can always get full details on these shows by clicking on the Tours page. Thanks again, and hope to see some of you out there in May or June!